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Prescription Eyewear in Delran

Dr. Angelo Aiello and Dr. Laura Stocksdale understand that every patient is different, and our optometrist's office caters to everyone's unique health needs. Based in Delran, New Jersey, we offer excellent deals on a wide range prescription eyewear with several fashionable designs.

Single-Vision Lenses

Available in your choice of plastic or glass, these single-vision lenses come with either spherical or astigmatic correction.

Bifocal Lenses

Made with a main lens and an additional segment for near vision, the bifocal lenses are available in a variety of shapes of near addition.

Trifocal Lense

The trifocal lenses are composed of a main lens and two reading segments; one that assists with nearsighted vision, and one for intermediate distances (about arm's length).


Composed of a main lens, our Multifocals have continuously variable additions for all manner of near reading positions.

Aphakic Lenses

These high-power plus lenses are made with aspheric surfaces to minimize aberrations due to the shape of the lens. They are predominantly used for cataract patients.

Photochromic Lenses

The photochromic lenses are designed to darken when exposed to short wavelength radiation (300nm – 400nm) or ultra-violet light. The rate of darkening and final transmission of the lens (saturation transmission) is dependent on the ambient temperature. Your lenses will not darken when driving due to the UV absorption of car windows and windshields.

Coated Lenses

The surface reflection of coated lenses is related to the material index so that different lens materials will have varying amounts of surface reflectance. They are often treated with a surface coating (vacuum coating) to reduce unwanted reflections. Reflections are classified as 4 main types, which include:
  • Internal Reflections of the Lens Itself
  • Reflections from the Corneal Surface
  • Reflections Visible by an Observer from the Front
  • Reflections from Behind the Lens (Overhead Lighting)

Hi-Index Lenses

These lenses are manufactured from a higher refractive index material, enabling the lens thickness to be reduced while still maintaining the optical properties. The optical power is a combination of the two surfaces, front and back, as well as the thickness of the lens. The increased index of lens also means there is a reduction in the base curve (back curve), giving it greater thickness savings when compared to lenses of the same centre thickness.

Toughened Lenses

Treated with either heat or chemicals to increase impact strength, toughened lenses are mainly used for industrial applications to provide added safety and protection.

Aspheric Lenses

The aspheric lenses have elliptical curve surfaces designed to minimize lens abrasions. They are available in single-vision and even some in progressive lens designs.

Polarized Lenses

Here you will find great deals on all manner of polarized lenses, available in glass, plastic, and hi-index plastic (n=1.56).
Contact us today for more information about our prescription eyewear and let us know if you have any questions about a specific design you are looking for.