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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer complete, comprehensive routine eye examination including inspection of all areas of the eyes. Evaluating the structures of the front of the eye, such as the lids and lashes, the pupils, the white of the eye (the conjunctiva and sclera), and the cornea are inspected for infections and inflammations. The lens of the eye is also examined for cataracts.

The ability of the muscles of the eyes that control focusing and eye aiming and movement, are checked for proper functioning.

The back of the eye is also evaluated to rule out holes, tears and detachments in the peripheral retina, glaucoma affecting the optic nerve, and macular degeneration affecting the central retina.
The vitreous is also examined for floaters and the lens is examined to monitor cataract progression. The retina is evaluated for diabetic or hypertensive bleeding.

A refraction to determine your glasses prescription and tonometry (the glaucoma test) are routinely completed.

Contact Lenses are also a large part of our practice. We fit all types of contact lenses, including bifocal contacts.

Pediatric Optometry

Includes all of the above involved in a comprehensive adult eye exam and more.

Stereopsis: The ability to perceive depth. This is measured to determine if your child is using both eyes together to view objects and people in 3D.

Eye alignment: It is important that the eyes are aligned and looking at the same thing. When the eyes are pointed at different things (one drifts in or out) this is called strabismus. If the eyes are misaligned the brain receives two different images and this can lead to double vision and/or permanently reduced vision (Amblyopia).

Eye movement: The ability of the eyes to follow a moving object and to efficiently track while reading across a page. Frequent loss of place or skipping lines while reading are typical signs of an eye movement dysfunction known as oculomotor dysfunction.

Convergence and divergence: When reading the eyes must converge to see the words. Sometimes people have a tendency for the eyes to under converge (convergence insufficiency) or over converge (convergence excess).

It is important that children have their prescription checked once a year to facilitate learning. It is recommended that children are dilated every two years.

Complete Selection of Fashion Eyewear

Check out the complete selection at Mancine Optical.

Consultation for LASIK Refractive Correction

Considering LASIK? Our practice works closely with the doctors at Kremer Eye Center for the whole process! Check out their LASIK test to see if you are a good candidate.

Geriatric Services

Since 1983, Dr. Angelo Aiello has spent the majority of his work time caring for senior citizens, mainly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He is co-founder of Senior Medical Services, a company specializing in geriatric eye care, serving almost 100 geriatric facilities throughout the Delaware Valley. As a result of this experience, he is well acquainted with the unique needs of the older population, and senior patients in the office benefit from his knowledge and concern for this age group.

With this in mind, the office is now expanding its reach beyond the office doors into the homes of those unable to travel to the doctor's office for eye care. Using the latest technology in miniaturize equipment, Dr. Aiello is able to perform a complete, comprehensive eye examination at the patient's bedside, including tests for cataracts, glaucoma and diabetes. He is also able to determine the patient's eyeglass prescription and fit and dispense eyeglasses in the home.

Home visits may be scheduled by calling the office at (856) 461-0987. Medicare and fee for service are accepted.

Vision Therapy and Other Related Services

Binocular Evaluation
This is the initial visit that includes a full eye health examination in addition to eye teaming, tracking, focusing ability. Specifically Dr. Stocksdale will measure your ability to converge your eyes (how well the eyes point in when reading), depth perception, refraction (to determine if a glasses prescription will help make vision more clear)

This price is discounted if copies of your most recent exam (with in one year) are brought or faxed to our office before your exam.
Visual Processing Evaluation
Standardized testing is completed by your child to compare how well his/her brain processes visual information compared to other children of the same age and/or grade level. This will determine how well visual information seen by the eyes is processed and integrated with other senses. Specific testing includes Visual motor integration (eye-hand coordination), handwriting speed and quality, visual and sequential memory, letter reversals, laterality (left/right awareness), and form constancy,

Dr. Stocksdale will grade the testing and complete a summary letter to send to your primary eye doctor or other professional. She will include specific recommendations to assist your child in the classroom.

Vision Therapy Sessions

The results of the binocular and visual processing evaluation will be used by Dr. Stocksdale to create an individualized set of neurosensory and neuromuscular activities. Lenses, prisms, computerized programs and specialized equipment are used to enhance or develop binocular and perceptual skills.

See “What is Vision Therapy?” for more information.
Progress Evaluations
Usually 2-4 progress evaluations are necessary during the course of treatment. At each evaluation the binocular skills that were reduced are retested. This allows Dr. Stocksdale to monitor your progress and to modify the programed therapy activities.
When vision therapy is complete, a certificate is presented to the graduate. You will also receive home maintenance activities to help you/your child embed the visual skills that you have work hard to develop.